Cryptospace is an allegory of the blockchain emergence and the changes that have been taking place in the digital art environment but taken to a larger scale from the astronomic point of view, represented by the appearances of new constellations and nebulas mysteriously coming to our galaxy, with an explosion full of colors and stellar forces which invite us to explore big possibilities!.
Year: 2020.

2000 x 1200 px
PNG148 kB

Platform: AsyncArt.


“At day, a healthy and beautiful swamp. At night, the same swamp undergoes a medical history of environmental illness!.”

Autonomous Description
Updates twice a day to reflect day / night cycles.

Current Set Timezone:
(GMT-06:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey 

Year: 2020

Platform: AsyncArt.

El Tren Maya

“Mexican president "AMLO" is featured embodying the mayan train and the railway expansion leaving a trail of death himself, with corpses of trees, jaguars, bats, tapirs and monkeys 
making presence on a festive day of the dead !.”
Year: 2020

Platform: SuperRare


Artwork entry for BitBasel NFT art contest "Miami Vice" 2020. 2nd Place.
Year: 2020

Platform: Rarible.

Mr. Come & Watch

"Wanna play?... ~Beep ~ sausages or cheetos? ~ Beep?". Purchase gives you the link to full res artwork. Year: 2020

Platform: Rarible.

Doge encounter

“This Doge NFT gives you 1000 Dogecoins in reward.”
Year: 2021

Platform: Rarible.