Abraxas - a talisman

(Color version) 2018

Done in collaboration with Oficinastk.

Strength in nature

Enchanted psyche finds
strength in nature.

Done in collaboration with Oficinastk.

iMAGIne. aCt.

Artwork done in collaboration
with n⨀sce (the mastermind behind 
#PM2012 #TYLER). 

The artwork's composition is done considering 
the aureal proportions, portraying
a bunch of seeds full of courage and 
energy which begin to sprout.


“Ninsei Corp can warranty you a whole new body every month. Your flesh is becoming obsolete,  your time is running out. 

With our advanced knowledge of
biomimicry your body will have  superb motion and protection. Step away from your mortal  life, make a visit to Exohack™.”

Board members: k0ch, Okytomo, neurocolor and Criptocromo For FutureArt show, celebrated in 
Sidney Australia on January 12 to 17, 2021.